Trenching & Earthworks

RSG’s range of trenching machines has the capacity to cut from 200mm – 1800mm wide and a range of depths to 6500mm in a single pass. Our fleet includes terrain levellers delivering increased production rates removing the need for drilling or blasting. These machines are also utilised for pipeline, rail, renewable, road, and other infrastructure projects in Australia.

All machines are mine site compliant, quality assured and maintained in accordance to the mining industry standards of Australia.

They offer competitive alternatives to traditional excavation methods for the following project types:

  • Oil and gas field pipelines
  • Water and Sewer trenches
  • Dry utility trenches, electrical or telecommunication lines
  • Infrastructure foundations
  • Hard rock surface mining
  • Coal seam and partings mining
  • Site preparation and levelling
  • Trenching and cable & conduit laying for the renewable sectors

Benefits of trenching

Specialising in all soil types, varying from hard rock through to  sand trenching within the Australasia region. Our trenching service provides many benefits for clientele, including faster job completions, exact trench profiles, increased safety,Low environmental impact and less overall ground disturbance.

Our team has vast experience in rock trenching and underground utilities trenching, with a fleet of machines capable of various trench widths and depths.

Trenching is becoming the favoured method in many situations as it offers several clear advantages:

Advantages of Trenching vs Excavating

  • Excavated material can be used for backfilling
  • Time required for executing jobs is shorter than any other alternative
  • A much smaller and neater path is cut through the terrain, offering an improved environment for pipeline construction
  • Increased safety when working close to infrastructure such as existing pipelines and other services
  • Overall process is less labour intensive
  • Low environmental impact and less overall ground disturbance

Excavating with trenchers has evolved through advances in equipment design, quality and efficiency of excavation operations.

Economically this produces a better result as the productivity of trenchers is 15 times that of excavators.

A precise profile is trenched through the terrain reducing environmental impact and requires 60% less manpower reducing service and fuel costs.

One chain trencher can replace between 10 to 15 excavators on major projects

11 workers on a trenching crew can replace up to 50 workers needed for hard rock excavator / truck / rock breaker trenching operations

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Vermeer T955

The T955 COMMANDER® is controlled through the TEC Plus electronic control system, which automatically adjusts the tractor for straight tracking in both directions, in all speeds, on all surfaces.

Vermeer T1055

For pipeline projects requiring high horsepower and deep digging depths, Vermeer offers the T1055 COMMANDER® 3. This trencher is powered by a Caterpillar C13 ACERT Tier 3 engine with 415hp (310kw) and equipped with the TEC Plus electronic control system.

Vermeer T1255

This heavy-duty trencher has the power to dig through solid rock for the installation of large-diameter pipe, typically engaged across the coal seam gas pipeline energy sector.

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