Think You Understand Quality Service? Maybe Not

Quality service is one of those concepts that everyone thinks they understand. Ask people the question at random and they generally say that it means getting the best possible experience delivered by experts for the lowest price. However, studies have shown that it means something different to different people, depending on circumstances as well as what they are actually looking for in a product or service.

Belief Comes Before Success

These differences occur because our life experiences are unique to us as individuals. They shape our belief system, and therein lies the issue that makes “quality service” more of an abstract idea than a concrete set of instructions. Our company, Reay Services Group, has built its reputation on those two words, so we first needed to identify what quality service meant to us as an organisation, before we could deliver it to our customers.

On our website we are telling the world that we have ISO9001:2008 Quality Management accreditation and that our HSE systems are aligned to ISO standards. We are advertising publicly that “we provide low-risk quality services”. To live up to these lofty statements, we must believe in quality service ourselves, at the deepest levels of our individual belief systems.

Company Culture Supports a Common Purpose

So how does a company made up of dozens, hundreds or even thousands of individuals convey that belief to their employees? After all, it is one thing for top management to aspire to deliver quality service, but they are not dealing directly with the customers. They are relying on employees to represent them. How can management be sure that their vision of quality service is the same as their employees’ ideas?

In management terms, infusing this belief into every part of the operation is called developing a company culture. It is usually a structured process that involves consultation with existing employees to establish common ground, developing a sense of purpose with the customer at the centre, and documenting essential policies and procedures to provide clarity in day-to-day operations.

Constant Top Management Review Maintains Momentum

Existing staff undergo intensive training to improve their skills, and new staff members are introduced to this quality service culture through a professionally developed induction process. This requires constant dedication and review at top management level to prevent it from becoming degraded over time.

Successful company managers know that culture comes from the top. At Reay Services Group we demonstrate our belief in delivering quality service every day. It is not enough just to advertise it on our website. It must become part of every aspect of our business processes. We can’t expect our staff to deliver quality service to our customers if we don’t believe in it ourselves.

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