The Essence Of Quality Service Is More Than Machinery

Without the capabilities of today’s sophisticated machinery and equipment, vital major projects such as essential infrastructure, mining and energy activities and other “nation-building” works would not be economically viable. However, the use of such equipment is only a part of complex projects which, these days, also rely heavily on technical knowledge, professional experience and a focus on meeting client needs.

Human Resources, Machinery and Equipment all Part of the Picture

The efficient use of human resources is just as important as having the right machinery and equipment. One, without the other, will not deliver quality in terms of engineering standards, the safety of personnel and regard for the environment. They are all interwoven, with the expertise and guidance of qualified staff at the pinnacle, providing the instruction and resources needed at just the right times to complete the work.

Quality Service is not a Cliché

Quality is something that is an integral part of what we do. The ability to deliver a quality service to our clients is the reason we are still in business, in a very competitive industry. At Reay Services Group, we specialise in supporting the resources industry by providing services such as trenching, pipeline construction and civil earthworks.
Our clients rely on us to supply these peripheral services, allowing them to concentrate on their core business. As contractors providing hire equipment and experienced operators, we have years of experience working in difficult terrain to tight deadlines. We have the most modern earth moving equipment available in this area, and we also employ outstanding engineers, managers and support staff members who know how to keep client projects on track.

Quality is More Than the Biggest and Best Machinery

Bringing a project in on time and on budget is not just a matter of having the biggest and best machinery. It also requires proven management systems, efficient procurement processes, industry knowledge and a company culture of achievement and competitiveness. We have employees who are excited by the challenges of this industry and who enjoy solving the problems that inevitably come with operating in remote environments.

Person-to-Person Contact Still Important

Quality service is also about seeing a better way of doing something and having the initiative to contact the client to discuss a new idea that will benefit their bottom line. It is about creating networks throughout the industry, strengthening long-term contacts and other person-to-person interactions that give clients confidence in our ability to manage their projects.
No company can deliver a quality service just by having superior machinery and equipment. It must also have quality systems and processes in place, and suitably qualified and experienced staff. Customer service must be the focal point of their operations and they must be able to deliver what the client wants. This is the essence of a successful business.

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