Successful Service Companies Rely on Good Communication to Grow

Communication is one of those “multi-purpose” words that are constantly tossed around by self-serving people, usually when something goes wrong and excuses are necessary to save the day. How often have we heard that a breakdown in communication caused an unfortunate incident, or that better lines of communication could have prevented an accident or event?

The truth is that good communication is essential to living, and in business it is also essential to ensure that the wheels of industry and commerce keep moving smoothly forward. It takes place in verbal interaction, or by the written word, using any of our modern methods. It can be conveyed also in the form of pictures or images, or by the use of gestures and body language.

Clients of Service Companies Expect Professional Standards of Communication

For a company in a service industry, good communication with clients is essential to survival. Here at the Reay Services Group, we have structured our business to put the needs of our clients at the forefront of our operations. Delivering on their objectives on time and within budget are also our goals, and effective and regular communication between our staff and theirs are a major part of achieving those goals.

It Could all Start with a Phone Call

For a service company, the communication process generally starts with a query if it is a new client, or a request for a quote from an existing client familiar with the business and its operations. That first contact for a new client is hopefully the start of a long and profitable relationship, so it is vital that the experience is a positive one. Every person in that service company is responsible for creating the impression of an efficient organisation that can solve that client’s problem.

Every Staff Member is a Key Part of the Communication Chain

This can be a “make or break” experience, so the service company must be confident that everyone on their staff is well-trained and able to either assist personally, or if not, direct the new contact to the right person. We have all experienced the frustration of contacting a large organisation and being passed from one person to another, and repeating our query several times before sometimes finding someone who is willing to help. A service company in private enterprise would not survive very long if this was their normal way to interact with their clients.

Information Communicated must also be Correct

Effective communication is also all about sourcing and passing on the correct information. In a company like ours that supplies people and plant for major construction, as well as mining projects, it is essential that we know all the details of the job before we can offer a quote, or enter into contracts that are legally binding. A lapse in communication at this point could lead to heavy losses on a particular job, or a very unhappy client whose deadlines were not met.

The staff members at Reay Services Group are specialists with years of experience in heavy machinery, mining and construction. Our people are able to discuss operational issues with our long-standing clients, to solve their problems and help grow their businesses as well as our own. This is what good communication can achieve, if people would just put in the effort.

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