Successful Businesses Create A Robust Economy

When the pastoral industry was at its height, and the exporting of fine merino wool was our main claim to fame, it was said that Australia rode on the sheep’s backs. As a modern, first-world country, we are now noted for many things other than raising sheep. Many industries contribute to our gross domestic product, including the mining and resources sector.

Outsourcing Supports Multiple Businesses

Mining and resources has a wide reach and requires support services, other than those directly provided by the mining companies themselves. Services such as trenching, pipeline construction, road building, surface and underground infrastructure, top soil removal, and the supply of equipment and labour are outsourced to companies like Reay Services Group.

In turn, we provide direct employment in the trades and professional disciplines required to complete these projects to the highest standards. We also support other suppliers whom we rely on for the equipment and resources needed to do the work contracted to us by the mining industry.

Suppliers Need Regular Customers

These suppliers depend on our continuing business to employ local people in their own businesses. Transport companies bringing supplies from Brisbane or interstate can only continue to service all their customers if they have sufficient demand from companies such as ours. We all rely on each other to keep the economy buoyant.

Taxes Support Government Spending

We contribute to the nation’s economy in many different ways. People employed by us pay personal income tax, we as a company pay company tax, everyone pays GST and this is just to the federal government. We also pay a range of fees and charges to the state government such as payroll tax, licence fees, vehicle registration fees and others.

Companies that Train Employees Contribute to Skills Development

By offering good quality, well paid and continuous work to our workforce, we are also extending the skills of our employees by offering training in new processes or in how to operate different machinery. No learning is ever wasted, and these skills flow right through the workforce when employees leave to work elsewhere. Every business contributes to the skills development of the country in this way, even if they don’t realise it.

Consultation with Indigenous Groups Enriches All of Us

We also pride ourselves on the other ways in which we contribute. The history of disadvantage and inequity experienced by the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples is now accepted public knowledge. We want to help change that, so we are actively involved with Indigenous Councils in our region on a range of projects.

All businesses exist to make a profit for owners and shareholders, but we are far from selfish when we look around at the wider picture and see what we have achieved.

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