Special Machines Make Digging A Trench Easy

At the risk of stating the obvious, humans have been digging holes in the earth ever since they created the first crude implements. Thankfully, as time passed, methods became more sophisticated and now we have an amazing array of machinery and equipment to do the hard work for us. Whether it is a post hole, a tunnel or a trench, there will be some kind of mechanical device that does the job efficiently, safely and for much less cost than doing it by manual labour.

Small Job, Small Machine – Large Job, Large Machine

The machines also increase in scale depending on the amount of earth to be moved. For example, the size of a trench digger used on a residential building site would be dwarfed by the type of trenching machine needed to create deep, straight trenches that stretch for kilometres. This type of activity is called trenching, and it is something we specialise in, here at the Reay Services Group.

Trenches are not just holes in the ground. The process of trenching is much more precise than that, as trenches are created specifically for certain purposes. They must also be cut to accurate specifications in terms of depth and width. Our company is an industry leader in trenching for gas and oil field pipelines, water and sewer trenches, and utility trenches for electrical and telecommunication lines.

Specialised Trenching Machines Reduce Overall Costs

The use of specialised trenching machines on major projects has increased productivity which, for any business, means cost savings. Our trenchers require 60% less manpower than other machines, and their ability to perform required cuts in a single pass can lead to projects being completed ahead of time. Excavated material is granulated on the job and is immediately ready to be used as backfill, another efficiency measure creating further cost savings.

Trenching Machines Increase Worker Safety

Safety is always paramount in this type of high risk work, and trenching in the past could be a dangerous task if safety procedures were not followed. There was always the risk of a trench wall collapsing on workers when they entered it to perform required tasks. Now, with the trenching machines we have available, this risk is negligible and all our work is performed to industry safety standards.

Climate controlled cabs are essential for driver comfort, as our machines are used in some of the most inhospitable locations in the country. A driver who is operating a powerful machine in extreme heat, for example, will have difficulty concentrating after a short period of time. The climate controlled cabs create an environment where they are able to do precision work for much longer periods of time.

Our trenching machines are a cost effective alternative to the traditional approach of using excavators. At Reay Services Group we have equipment that is mine site compliant and fully maintained to mining industry standards. This is the modern approach to trenching, a process essential to building the infrastructure we need for continued prosperity as a nation.


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