Reputation a Prized Commodity in a Competitive Industry

The resources industry in Australia is a major employer, generates a very healthy export income and is a leader in innovation, both in developing new mining technology and improved work methods. However, the number of companies involved is relatively small compared with other industries. This makes it vital for companies working in this sector to have a good reputation, as reports of poor quality work don’t have far to travel.

Attributes Needed to Build Sound Client Relationships

Companies that survive the ups and downs of this volatile industry are usually those with a solid reputation for reliability, industry knowledge, quality workmanship, and superior systems and staffing. They also excel at building client relationships through their reliability, honesty and fairness, always trying to get the best outcomes possible for their customers.

A Reputation Built on Niche Specialisations

Many of these companies concentrate on specific elements of the industry, creating a niche for themselves that makes them the “go to” destination for the work in which they specialise. Reay Services Group is one of those companies, and we are very mindful of the importance of guarding our hard-won reputation as a reliable and quality supplier in the niche of pipe installation.

We are specialists in the installation and maintenance of pipelines and associated infrastructure for coal seam gas extraction and dewatering. We also provide water associated services such as complete water pipeline construction, storm water and civil pipelines and culvert water systems, among others.

Innovation, Technical Skills and Problem Solving Get the Job Done

Our experienced teams often work in remote and inhospitable regions of the country, so they have developed the ability to innovate when necessary to meet deadlines. Many of these innovations are now standard practice, demonstrating to our clients that our employees and contractors have not only the technical skills to get the job done but also the ability to solve complex problems under less than ideal circumstances.

Don’t Forget About Inspection and Maintenance

Inspection and maintenance are two other areas where we offer our clients a superior service. Care taken during the inspection process ensures that any problems are identified and rectified before the project is commissioned. Maintenance is not taken seriously by some companies, but we believe that regular and scheduled maintenance extends the life of any project and prevents expensive breakdowns.

Integrity is a Prize worth Keeping

Our pipeline installation work has enabled us to expand the services we can offer our clients. This would not have been possible if we had not provided them with quality work, excellent customer service and attention to their needs. We have built our reputation on this basis, and we are known throughout the industry as a company with integrity.

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