Remote Communities Support Infrastructure Project

In a country as dry as Australia, any initiative to increase the supply of water to key parts of the country is welcomed. It offers the opportunity to secure a reliable water supply, but also creates local jobs during the construction of any pipeline or other infrastructure that is built as part of the overall project.

Pipeline Networks Serve the Community

Of course, water is not the only commodity that travels via a pipeline. Gas, slurry, tailings, waste and storm run-off are just some of the ways that the thousands of kilometres of pipeline traversing the country are utilised. It is a network that connects and serves, bringing the outback to life and enhancing the communities in its proximity.

Perhaps that is why the construction of a pipeline does not usually cause the amount of controversy that some other large infrastructure projects may do. As a resources company working in mining and civil construction, Reay Services Group is no stranger to controversy. However, we are also mindful of the importance of working with local companies and communities to create a positive environment in which to complete our projects.

Construction Offers Employment and Training Opportunities

One example of the way in which we engage with local communities is through our ongoing commitment to promote and support employment opportunities for the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in our area. We provide training opportunities that prepare them for work, and where possible, support the growth and development of indigenous small businesses.

Community Support Smooths the Way

We consider ourselves to be part of the communities in which we operate, as do the companies who engage us to do contracting work on their behalf. Some of Australia’s largest and most well-known resource companies use our services to advance their projects. By connecting with the local communities through our contacts, they are also able to impact the economies and social frameworks of small towns in a positive way.

Important Connections a Lasting Legacy

When companies like ours move into a location to work on a project, we bring with us machinery and personnel with specific skills and expertise. Sometimes we get the opportunity to share our knowledge and skills with local people who may have a question about a work process or piece of machinery. Sometimes there is an opportunity for a local person to get some short-term casual work.

These are the kinds of contacts, exchanges and co-operative endeavours that are important to isolated communities. They also offer us the opportunity to build relationships with people who might otherwise look at our presence as a disruption to their regular activities.

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