Qualified Pipeline Engineers Needed to Maintain Safety and Quality

As increases in prices and demand begin to drive a recovery in Australia’s resources sector, it follows that demand will also increase for experienced professionals to supervise and deliver the infrastructure that accompanies resource projects. Australia’s pipeline industry is characterised by the high safety standards and construction quality achieved by specialised training.

Professional Bodies Keep Members Up-to-Date

We have, in Australia, a network of industry professional bodies such as Engineers Australia and the Australian Pipelines and Gas Association, among others, that keep their members up to date with developments in technology and government legislation. These organisations have specific requirements before they accept people for membership, much of which is based around qualifications and industry experience.

Suppliers to Industry Also Need Industry Validation

As a key supplier to the resources industry, we recognise the importance of qualifications and training in our mission to deliver the best quality work we can for our clients. Reay Services Group employs qualified and experienced personnel in a range of pipeline construction disciplines.
Engineering is one of those disciplines but because we also perform ancillary drainage and construction work, we are members of the Master Plumbers Association and are licensed by the Queensland Building and Construction Commission. Our work is always under scrutiny and our Quality, Environment and Health and Safety management systems are regularly audited by external parties.

National Competency Standards Identify a Range of Attributes

Pipeline engineers in both the offshore and onshore sectors now have industry developed competency standards. These standards provide a vehicle for assessing and recording competency for pipeline engineers. They identify the knowledge, qualifications and experience needed to achieve the levels of competency required by the pipeline industry.

Pipeline Engineering Now a Specialisation

The standards are used for career planning, recruitment, performance assessment of both individuals and teams, to plan further training and design additional courses. As the pipeline industry grew and developed, it became very specialised and now, Engineers Australia recognises that specialisation. They have created a new area for national recognition of Oil and Gas Pipeline Engineering, using the APGA Pipeline Engineer Competency Standards as the basis for registration.

Professional Training Essential to Keep Pace with Industry

We support any move by official industry bodies to make the pipeline sector a desirable career path for any newly qualified engineer entering the workforce. In our case, we construct gas and water pipelines, using several different piping materials. We specialise in coal seam gas extraction and dewatering services for mining, gas and minerals processing. Our water services include stormwater and civil pipeline construction and culvert water systems.
Australia does not give up its natural resources easily, so we will always need qualified professionals who are willing to advance their own skills to keep pace with this rapidly developing industry.

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