Pipelines Essential For Growth and Safety

There is so much in our developed society that we take for granted. We flick a switch and the lights come on. We turn a tap and get fresh, drinkable water. Rarely do most of us give much thought to how that all happens. Our arteries and veins deliver blood supply throughout our bodies, and we don’t think much about that either, until we suffer an injury and our lives are at risk.

What is so Important About a Pipeline?

Just as our arteries and veins deliver the nourishment we need to live, our water, fuel and many other resources essential for life are delivered to us through pipelines. Does this seem like a big deal? Probably not at first thought, but like so much else, we have become so accustomed to having what we need at our fingertips, that any interruption to those supplies would be a major issue.

We know a lot about pipelines because here at the Reay Services Group we install them, primarily for the mining industry. Of course, pipelines were transporting essential resources throughout the world hundreds of years before we came on the scene. As technology advances, humans find improvements to make pipelines safer and more efficient, but the basic principle remains unchanged.

Efficient, Unobtrusive and Safe Transport of Essential Resources

Pipelines are the most efficient and environmentally sustainable method of moving huge quantities of water, crude oil, natural gas, refined petroleum and chemicals safely over long distances. Either supported above-ground or buried beneath the earth, pipelines leave a much smaller footprint than our major highways.

Motorists already have concerns about the large numbers of trucks traversing our roads day and night. Imagine how much more traffic there would be if everything that is currently transported by pipeline had to be trucked everywhere instead. Not only would our roads be constantly congested, but the additional emissions would further pollute our atmosphere.

Electricity, Water and Communication Services Protected by Pipelines

Pipelines carry much of our electricity supply and our communications cables underground, keeping the equipment out of the weather so that an uninterrupted supply can be maintained. Think about the inconvenience and cost caused by storms and fires when these essential services are in areas still serviced above ground. Fallen power lines are a major hazard in older suburbs where pipelines have not been installed.

As dams dried up in Queensland during the Millennium Drought (2001–2010) the state government spent millions of dollars building pipelines to move water around the south-east corner to keep homes and businesses supplied. Pipelines efficiently move millions of litres of effluent underground to processing plants without the need for unpleasant and disease-causing open drains.

Our equipment and skills are in constant demand by the mining industry to install gas and water pipelines. The work done by Reay Services Group allows storm water to be re-directed safely, transports mine tailings and slurry to containment areas and supports the mining, gas and minerals processing industries.

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