Not All Trench Machines Are Created Equal

As any good cook will tell you, the secret to creating the perfect dish is to start with the best ingredients. When you have quality produce at your fingertips the job is already half done before any actual cooking takes place. While this may be true, you are probably wondering what on earth creating the perfect dish has with managing an engineering project that has minimal delays, no breakdowns and is finished on time and within budget.

Excellent Results Start with a Good Beginning

There is no secret formula, but there is an expectation that when you assemble the right personnel and equipment and follow a carefully constructed plan where every eventuality has been considered, then you have a pathway to an excellent result. In the mining industry, this level of care is essential to keep workplaces safe and to deliver multi-million dollar projects to the clients who have entrusted their investment to companies like ours.

Different Types of Trenching Machines

We are Reay Services Group, and we specialise in turnkey projects for major companies operating in the mining, communications and civil engineering industries. One of our strengths is our ability to supply the right machinery for the type of work our clients require. For example, we have a range of different types of trenching equipment to enable us to offer more versatility to our clients than our competitors.

For Less Wear-and-Tear

The Vermeer T955 Commander has a sectionalised boom for better production and less wear-and-tear and generates high torque from the CAT rotary power head shaft motor. Its control system automatically adjusts the tractor for straight tracking in both directions, in all speeds and on all surfaces.

For High Horsepower or Installing Large Diameter Pipe

For pipeline projects requiring high horsepower and deep digging depths, the Vermeer T1055 has improved diagnostic functions and increased performance. For a heavy duty machine, however, with the capability to dig through solid rock, there is none better than the Vermeer T1255. This is perfect for the installation of a large diameter pipe, typically in the coal seam gas pipeline energy sector.

Emission Certified Engines and Climate Control

All our trenching machines have emission certified engines, with cabs that are fully climate controlled for the comfort of our operators. They operate in very inhospitable terrain, in heat and dust, and being able to work in an environment where the air is cool and free from contaminants allows them to concentrate fully on their work.

Mine Certified

While all these machines have similar capabilities, they differ in other specifications such as boom depths, cutting widths, machine width and weight. All our machines, including our trenching machines, are mine certified so we can offer our clients the type of machines they need to complete their projects.

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