Looking for Mining Equipment? Go with Experience

Mining by its very nature is a risky industry. Large financial outlays are required before there is any return for owners and shareholders. An unexpected drop in world demand can trigger a price slide that makes marginal mining operations financially unviable, even though there is still a product ready for extraction. The equipment needed is expensive and the work can be dangerous.

While mining company executives cannot influence world prices for their product, they can control their operational costs. One area where they can make substantial savings is in the management of the expensive equipment they need to extract and move the raw product. By hiring this equipment from Reay Services Group we are able to save them the capital cost of purchase and all the ongoing maintenance and storage costs.

Finding the Right Equipment – a Logical Approach

Most of our clients have been in the industry for some time, and generally know exactly what they want before they contact us. From our regular dealings with them, we have noticed that regardless of which company they work for, they all seem to take the same approach to sourcing the right equipment for the job they are doing.

What is the Budget?

Usually they start with a budget that sets the guidelines in terms of purchasing power. An experienced purchasing executive always has a figure in mind before starting any negotiations to hire our equipment. We offer our clients a turnkey service and are able to provide skilled and licensed operators who are experienced at operating our machinery. This allows us to offer very competitive rates and the clients appreciate not having to source and hire suitable employees.

Which Equipment is Right for the Task?

Not all mining equipment is suitable for every situation. We are very familiar with the type of operation our major clients are managing and although most of the time, they know what machinery they need, we sometimes have occasions where we can recommend something more efficient. It is important that we get the right information from the client, otherwise we could supply something that is not suitable that will incur them extra costs and lost time.

Don’t Cut Corners by Buying Inferior Equipment

The Australian landscape is a very unforgiving place for anyone using inferior equipment in a bid to save money. Buying a piece of equipment because the price is low can compromise both safety and production. A break-down in a remote location can mean days of lost time while spare parts are sourced and delivered to site. Our clients know that we only use quality equipment that has been regularly serviced and maintained to the highest standards.

With ISO and HSE management systems firmly in place, our clients know that using the Reay Services Group for their mining equipment and other ancillary work will make a positive contribution to their bottom line. We meet their expectations in terms of budget, mining knowledge and the supply of high quality, reliable machinery.

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