Innovation – New Solutions To Old Problems?

In these fast-moving times, no companies, however successful they may be, can sit on their laurels and ignore the groundswell of new information and technology sweeping through the marketplace. In manufacturing, industry, commerce, health services, entertainment, food production and every other corner of human endeavour, we are operating in times that are changing much faster than even Bob Dylan could envisage.

Are We Taking Advantage of New Discoveries?

Some of the changes seem like pages out of a science fiction book and the danger is that we are now becoming complacent with the astounding discoveries that are being reported. Thanks to years of research, massive inroads are being made into the treatment of diseases like cancer, agricultural science is finding better ways to produce our food and our horizons in space are expanding every year.

Is Innovation Happening Without Publicity?

It is one thing to hear about these discoveries in the media, but quite another to see them being applied actively to our current businesses and industries. Either this innovation is happening quietly, without fanfare, or amazing opportunities are by-passing us with the general population oblivious to the consequences.

As a company totally immersed in the resources industry, Reay Services Group is always on the lookout for any improvements in existing processes and technologies. These can come from outside our company, but often they come from our people on the ground, who are adept at finding faster, better and more cost effective ways of doing things.

Continuous Improvement was the Start

To survive and thrive in this difficult industry, we must encourage the slightest hint of innovation to keep in step with, and ideally, ahead of our competitors. Continuous improvement is not just a catch phrase bandied about by management consultants. It is the philosophy that took Japan from a feudal economy shattered by war to one of the world’s most technically advanced nations in the space of 20 or 30 years.

Innovation Must Be Adopted to be Useful

When every ounce of improvement has been wrested from current processes and technologies, innovation follows. This is the step we take when we incorporate new technical processes, new machinery and the exciting new discoveries taking place, into our daily operations. Not only does this keep our company competitive, but it also gives our personnel the opportunity to gain new knowledge and skills.

Public Trust Critical to Industry Success

We are particularly interested in applying new technologies that can allow the recovery of natural resources while minimising any negative effects on the environment. Our industry has been pursuing this path for some time, but we must increase our efforts if we are to maintain the trust of the general public.

Innovation can offer new solutions to old problems. Our company wants to provide a future for its employees, opportunities for the indigenous communities on whose land we are working, and an environment we are proud to leave to the next generation.

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