Industry Skills and Knowledge the Key to Doing Things Right

Engineering is an established profession, based on sound mathematical and scientific principles. It has proven methodologies and processes that, if reproduced under the same circumstances, will get the same result. Having said that, we all know of instances where the results have been less than perfect and have resulted in sometimes tragic and expensive manmade disasters.

Resources Industry Needs Work to be Done Right First Time

In the resources industry, there is no room for less than perfect results. The consequences of mistakes and miscalculations are so dire that everything is checked and rechecked to make sure things perform as they should. Companies like ours delivering services to this industry must be able to work to exacting customer requirements.

At Reay Services Group we put our work processes to the test by inviting external assessment and gaining ISO9001:2008 Quality accreditation. To meet the exacting requirements of these international standards, we identified our key processes and documented them into a series of written policies and procedures. These explain in detail the methods we use to get our work done so our employees know exactly what is expected of them.

Contracts and Scope of Work Leave No Room for Error

When a client contracts us to do work for them, nothing is left to chance. We agree on the scope of work and detailed specifications for almost everything needed to complete the work to their satisfaction. This method has been used, revised and improved over many, many years and includes details of materials, processes and measurements, engineering drawings and timeframes for the completion of various stages.

Great Staff and Quality Systems Keep Work Flowing

To perform work at this exacting level of detail requires experienced tradespeople and other staff who understand the industry and care about the quality of their work. Our people are part of our company and the most important resource we have. They have the knowledge and skills to do their jobs. They also have the benefit of our documented systems as a reference when they need additional information.

Variations to Contract Agreed by Both Sides

Sometimes partway through the work, the client will contact us with a request to vary some part of the specifications. Sometimes it is our specialists who will recognise a better way to do some part of the work that is outside the specifications. In either event, communication is the key, with both the client and the Reay Services Group people working together to find the best solution.

No part of the client specification is changed without their agreement. Usually, a variation to the contract is produced and signed by both parties to ensure everyone working on the job is notified of the change. This forms part of the audit trail so that, if need be, anyone can go back through the documents at the end of the job and see clearly what took place.

We know our industry, we know our systems and we know our people. We do every job to suit the client, and exactly to their specifications.

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