Improving Workplace Standards Improves Customer Service

Modern health and safety laws have been in place in Queensland since 1989, replacing a number of other laws that had proven to be ineffective in preventing injury and death in workplaces. Environmental laws came into effect some time later in response to increasing community awareness of the importance to health and wellbeing of clean air, water and general surrounds.

Improved Standards of Care Expected by the Community

Since then, all kinds of improvements have been made in these areas that have made our workplaces safer and our environment a much more pleasant place to be in. These improvements and changes have raised standards to such an extent that there is an expectation of care and concern by all sections of the community.

Companies Delivering High Standards Achieve Better Results

Companies that demonstrate a corporate culture of embracing these standards by the way they conduct their businesses have a positive impact on their industries and their communities. They attract the best staff and are trusted by their clients to deliver major projects. They also have less disruption through safety or environmental issues and their superior management systems achieve better productivity results.

Reay Services Group is one of these companies. Our quality, environment and health and safety systems have been accredited by an independent auditor. Our corporate values are built around our work ethics, excellent customer service, building relationships, being seen as professionals and having a safe working environment.

Actions Speak Louder Than Words

We know from experience that all these fine words can be just that – words. What differentiates companies from us, yet say similar things to us, but do not deliver, is that we put our values into action every day and in every part of our business.

Quality Customer Service Creates Repeat Business

What this delivers for us are loyal customers who continue coming back to us for help with their projects. The quality of our service to our customers is built into our processes, and they know they can rely on us to meet a deadline and deliver a product or service without compromising on safety or environmental concerns.

When our customers hire our operators and equipment, for example, they know that we have already checked the qualifications and experience of our workforce, and that our machinery is safe and in good mechanical condition. That is what they expect from us as a company with an excellent safety and environmental record.

High Service Standards Improves Customer Experience

Our standards help them to complete their projects on time and in budget because they know that the likelihood of a safety or environmental incident that would hold up production would be rare. This is how dealing with health, safety and environmental issues in a structured manner improves the quality of customer service that we are able to deliver.

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