How To Get Good Service and High Quality Work

Most of us at some time have made a large purchase and while arranging payment have wondered if it is real value for money. We have been both excited and apprehensive, hoping that the product will be everything we were promised. Imagine, then, being in charge of million dollar budgets in a large company and getting the same feeling after placing a large order for services like trenching and piping.

Choosing Suitable Suppliers is a Big Responsibility

The responsibility on people in this position is huge. They are expected to verify the quality and performance of a number of different suppliers and get quotes for what is often long-term work where variations are unknown at start-up. They must then review and cost these quotes, decide on the company they think will best deliver what they want, and keep within a tight budget.

At Reay Services Group we are in the business of providing trenching and piping services to our clients, so we know how difficult these decisions can be. One wrong choice can cause a project to run over time, eat into the budget and trigger a major loss. So how does a supplier demonstrate to prospective clients that they are capable of delivering on all the needs of the project?

External Accreditation Provides Independent Verification

In most businesses, the first indicator is to have recognised verification from an external and independent assessor. In our case, we have ISO9001:2008 Quality Management accreditation, meaning that our management systems meet international standards. Similarly, our health, safety and environmental systems meet the same exacting standards so potential clients can be assured that our operating methods are high quality and low risk.

Another key indicator to look for is evidence of projects already completed that are similar to the one the client is undertaking. Reputable companies usually have no hesitation in providing these details as they know that their work will stand up to scrutiny. A reluctance to do that should raise immediate concerns that the company may not be able to deliver what it promises.

Other Reliable Indicators

Memberships of key professional organisations are another indicator that the company under consideration is being managed by people who are up to date with new technologies and developments in the industry. Reputation is also a good measure of performance, and our industry, while punching above its weight in project delivery, is still small enough for bad news to travel far. If there is a question mark over a particular company, it should be investigated before entering into any binding agreements.

For us, it really isn’t rocket science. We know that the Reay Services Group has the professional accreditations, the industry reputation and the runs on the board. If you are looking for a successful outcome for your piping and trenching project, our work will stand up to the highest scrutiny.

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