How to Assess If a Company Can Deliver on Quality

Projects that require the use of trenching or mining services are usually large, expensive and very often located in remote or difficult terrain. Those charged with getting these types of projects operational have a huge responsibility to manage million dollar budgets and tight timeframes. They need to be certain that the companies contracted to do this work actually have the capacity to deliver what they claim.

Scrutiny by External Parties Creates Confidence

There are a few indicators that can be used to create a shortlist before entering into any legally binding agreements. One of the most common is to look for some kind of external quality certification. The Reay Services Group has had ISO9001:2008 Quality Management certification for some time. We undergo audits by an external body at regular intervals to ensure that our policies, procedures and processes are industry compliant.

Another factor that is essential in the mining industry is ensuring that the health and safety of our workers and others are not affected by our operations. This is another indicator of our commitment to delivering quality work, as accidents and incidents not only cause harm to our people, but can also severely impact work in progress.

The same applies to the way we treat the environment we are working in. Trenching and mining moves tonnes of overburden of necessity, but works with the local communities to restore and repurpose areas we have disturbed. We have aligned our HSE systems to ISO standards so our workers and customers can be assured that we are working to the highest standards with respect to health, safety and the environment.

Reputation a Clear Indicator of Quality

In our industry, reputation is everything. Stories about bad customer service or shoddy workmanship have a way of getting around and can become another indicator that influences whether or not a company gets ongoing work. Our work performance speaks for itself, and with our quality management systems supporting all of our work efforts, we have total confidence that we can not only meet but exceed client expectations.

Financial and Project Management Experience another Indicator

Trenching and mining work usually involves large-scale projects that require considerable logistical, financial and project management expertise. Any company wanting to tender for this type of work needs to have a sound background in the industry and the financial capacity to operate with large budgets. The ability to meet these criteria is another indicator of a company that can successfully deliver large projects.

Reay Services Group is experienced in all of these areas and has the systems and stability to deliver quality work on trenching and mining services projects. These are the only indicators we need to continue providing our quality services to our clients.

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