Equipment Failures Must Be Rectified Quickly

Every business, regardless of its type or the industry it serves, has days when things go wrong. Despite the best efforts of owners, managers and staff at forward planning, risk management, quality systems and other contingencies, not everything goes smoothly every day. It only takes a late delivery, a “never fail” component to break or, when the work is outdoors, unseasonable weather, to upset deadlines and escalate costs.

Unexpected Disruptions Costly in both Money and Reputations

For many businesses, these things can be quickly overcome, depending on the scale of the problem. This is important because the longer the disruption continues, the more it affects everyone involved. A good reputation is hard to build and easy to lose, and too many instances of letting customers down will soon damage any reputation.

Our industry is a case in point. We provide support services to the civil construction, mining, gas and mineral processing industries. Our core business is pipeline construction and our company, Reay Services Group, specialises in polyethylene gas and water pipelines. We operate across the Surat, Galilee and Bowen basins, and we are known in our industry for our ability to deliver client projects on time and within budget.

Pipeline Failures Need Quick Solutions

We hold a number of industry certifications and memberships that are critical to our success and the way in which we run our operations. As mentioned earlier, however, sometimes things go awry and in the world of pipeline construction, this can have major implications for our clients. It doesn’t happen often because our systems keep these mishaps to an enviable minimum, but when it does, the nature of our response is critical.

Solutions Must be Cost Effective and Quick to Action

Any delay in scheduled work is costly to both our clients and ourselves, so finding a cost-effective solution that will get the project back on track quickly is the driving force that our people have in the forefront of every decision they make from the start of the issue to the solution. Depending on what the issue is, and how close the job is to the supply chain, we can usually get a permanent solution happening within hours of any piping failure.

Innovative Workforce Can Get a Work-Around Happening

If you are working in the Outback and the nearest parts supplier is a thousand kilometres away, you need experienced and creative people who can put together a work-around to keep things moving until a permanent solution is available. Our staff members are innovative types who can always come up with a great idea to keep the project moving.

Nothing is ever gained by giving up in these situations, and while breakdowns don’t happen often, when they do, our people have everything covered.

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