Contractors Benefit From Access to Continued Training and Development

Almost everything we use in our daily lives today has its beginnings in discoveries and ongoing developments made by previous generations. Some things took centuries to develop fully and some were almost instant, but the fact that they are still in use today in some form, is due to our never-ending quest for enhancement, improvement and innovation.

Resources Industry Acknowledges the Early Visionaries

The resources industry owes much to these early pioneers. They were visionaries who sought increased productivity through better machinery and tools, easier access to raw materials, a labour force with a broad skill set and the education to apply both logical and creative thinking to any obstacle.

This attitude is the backbone of the resources industry, and the reason for its support and encouragement for training programs and professional qualifications for its workers. Given the challenges associated with resource exploration and extraction, employees with knowledge of new equipment and safe work methods are much sought after.

Practical Skills and Professional Knowledge Must be Kept Current

Pipe installation is an important part of this huge industry, and it is one of our specialisations as suppliers of ancillary services to major mining clients. At Reay Services Group, we offer innovative, safe and cost effective methods of coal seam gas extraction and dewatering services. Our personnel are qualified and experienced in their various roles and we support their on-going professional development.

Our machine operators have the required licences and the practical, on-the-job experience to work effectively in difficult terrain. We support any ongoing training that will enhance their skills and bring them up to date with new work methods or safety requirements.

Degree Qualifications Kept Up to Date by Professional Development

Professional development programs keep our engineers abreast of innovations in the industry. These can include short courses, peer forums, post-graduate studies and other initiatives such as the Pipeline Engineer Training Project. Although still in its early stages, several registered training organisations offer courses in capability areas as diverse as electrical hazardous areas, corrosion control, welding technology and others.

Ongoing Training Brings Good Outcomes for Both Clients and Workers

Project and asset management courses are also available as well as a specific course in fatigue management for managers. As contractors delivering a range of diverse pipeline services, we believe that continued investment in courses and training such as these for our personnel will deliver better results for our clients and offer our people an interesting and varied career pathway.

As the industry continues to build on the work of the pioneers, the introduction of new technologies will be the norm rather than the exception. In this environment, opportunities for training and professional development are essential to allow our people to keep ahead of the game.

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