Civil Construction

RSG has played a key role in the construction of infrastructure assets and general civil scopes for many large developments including our recant presence within Australia’s relatively new renewable resource sector, with the company engaged by key developers delivering the following services:

Civil Construction

  • Water, drainage and waste water solutions
  • Establishment of easements and provision of sealed and un-sealed roads
  • Concrete works
  • Tree clearing & grubbing and spoil rehabilitation works
  • Fencing
  • Effluent dam construction
  • Welding of materials including high density polyethylene (HDPE) and steel piping
  • Site preparation and levelling

Renewables (Solar and Wind Farms)

  • Trenching, sanding and backfilling
  • Cable and conduit laying
  • Pipe Installation
  • Solar panel cleaning

Civil Construction Projects

Collinsville Solar Project

RSG was contracted by Nilsen (QLD) Pty Ltd to supply plant & personnel to perform the civil construction of trenching and backfilling for the installation of underground cabling.

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