Choosing Earthmoving Equipment

In pipe laying, one of the essential tasks is the earthmoving activity for digging trenches. If the project is industrial in nature and aims to provide services to a broad area of communities, then it faces additional challenges such as satisfying environmental regulations. Trenching for pipelines requires just the right earthmoving equipment designed to withstand specific demands in the work site. The project manager’s choice of earthmoving equipment will impact on work efficiency and quality. When choosing the right equipment for digging trenches, some factors need to be taken into account.

Load Type

Before an earthmoving machine is selected, it is important to know the load type involved. It is also important to ask if the machine will need to carry excavated materials to another site or if the load has to be transported to a distant location. If there is load to consider, it will help to hire a machine equipped with a bucket to help in carrying loose materials and debris from the excavated area.

In pipe laying work, the excavated material is typically also used to cover the top of the installed pipes. For such a task, it will be good to look for a machine that can do precise digging to make it easier to use the loose materials as backfill. Such are the machines offered by Reay Services Group, a reliable poly services group providing machine hire for pipeline installation.

Equipment Quality

Equipment quality is another top consideration when picking the machine for pipe installation. A responsible project manager should be able to do due diligence in checking the quality and features of trenching machines available for hire. Quality should never be compromised, especially for the sake of cutting down the cost of operation. Doing so could result in much higher costs as there is that possibility of hiring the wrong machine for the work at hand. The workers could end up repeating the work and there may be a need to hire another machine to do the work correctly.

Environmental Consideration

When digging trenches for pipeline infrastructures, one of the toughest challenges is meeting environmental requirements. Environmental impact of industrial activities is expected to be huge, so all efforts have to be done to minimise the environmental impact of the activity.

Hiring the right earthmoving machine can play a role in limiting the impact of the construction on the environment. Reay Services Group provides top quality Vermeer track trenchers to make the digging more precise, therefore minimising the amount of soil and rocks removed. The machines also make it more efficient to use the excavated materials as backfill.

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