Training & Development

Reay Group Pipe & Civil facilitates personal and professional development enabling individuals and groups to achieve their full potential at work. By providing space and resources ensures continuing learning and individual development is recognised as an imperative to meet the future plans of RSG. 

Our operational success is largely based on the contribution, commitment and achievements of individual members of our staff, working individually and in teams or groups. We support staff in the performance of their designated roles and to help them to fulfil their potential during the course of their employment. Training and development includes any activity, which contributes to the enhancement of their knowledge, skills, competence, and working practices. Staff development is thus a key contributor to the success of individuals and ultimately to the success of Reay Group Pipe & Civil. 

Meet Our Trainees

Josh was employed as our engineering vacation student during the 2017-18 university holidays.  Assisting the tendering, engineering and operations team, Josh was able to gain a vast amount of experience and knowledge from tender and design processes through to construction activities.

RSG are delighted that Josh can now take his learnings and apply them to his fourth year of engineering study at James Cook University. 

We wish Josh all the very best in the future.

Meet Our Apprentices

Lachlan is employed as our apprentice plumber, where RSG works closely with CQU University to ensure Lachlan receives the best possible practical exposure aligning to his area of study. Successful completion of Lachlan’s apprenticeship provides him with a trade outcome in plumbing and occupational titles, including Plumber, Drainer, Gasfitter and Roof Plumber

We are always on the lookout for individuals who display a high commitment to career growth and have a passion for learning. For current vacancies please refer to our careers section.

Reay Group Pipe & Civil is fully resourced and has the capacity to facilitate projects Australia wide…