Our Mission

Our services include Pipeline Construction, Civil Construction, Mining Services and Environmental Rehabilitation services  for the resource, government, mining, civil and renewable energy  sectors. We minimise risk with our HSEQ systems aligned to the ISO accreditation standards.  This enables us to build strong relationships with our clients across Australasia.

Reay Services Group continues our evolution of growth and innovation by focusing on the following strategies: 

  • The continued improvement of organisational capacity focused on improving sustainability.
  • Constantly strive to implement the critical initiatives required to achieve our vision. In doing this we deliver operational excellence in every aspect of the company moulded by a set of core values that are shared by each and every employee.

Our Vision

Working closely with our valued clients across Australasia, we will be recognised in the  Mining & Civil Services Pipeline contractor of choice for:

  1. The installation of pipelines, Civil Construction and Mining Services
  2. The Rehabiliation of lands back to its natural diversity
  3. Providing innovative service solutions to our customers; across Australasia

Our Values

Work Culture

“We are a family owned business who value and empower our employees to bring the best outcomes to every project.”


“We are all dedicated and committed to the ongoing success of RSG.”We are a team of dedicated professionals focused on presenting our business in a professional and consistent manner.”


“Safety is a core value in all aspects of our business & we never lose sight of the need to work safely.”

Excellent Customer Relationships

“Our dealings with customers are built on establishing long term trust and delivering high quality service.”

Environmental Commitment

“We aim to reduce our environmental impact associated with our operations and work towards protecting our natural habitat and restoring its natural biodiversity”

Indigenous Commitment

“We are committed to leaving a positive legacy in the communities in which we operate. This includes creating and maintaining effective relationships with the traditional owners of the land, while drawing indigenous employees into those projects ensuring a legacy of skills and wealth remains long after project completion.”

Reay Services Group is fully resourced and has the capacity to facilitate projects Australia wide…