Indigenous Commitment

 RSG acknowledges the Traditional Owners of the country on which we work and operate and we share the responsibility in ensuring the advancement of an Indigenous economy. This is achieved by;

  • Our long term partnership with the “Aboriginal Enterprises in Mining, Energy & Exploration Ltd” (AEMEE) organisation, to help Indigenous enterprises gain a true market share of business opportunities.  
  • Ensuring indigenous relations are imbedded into our supply chain.
  • Sponsorship of numerous local community sporting teams, including the AEMEE organisation.
  • Driving critical initiatives required to foster a company culture that pays respect to indigenous values and their continuing cultures, which deepen and enrich the life of our nations land and communities.

We are committed to leaving a positive legacy in the communities in which we operate. This includes creating and maintaining effective relationships with the traditional owners of the land, while drawing indigenous employees into those projects ensuring a legacy of skills and wealth remains long after project completion”


Reay Services Group is fully resourced and has the capacity to facilitate projects Australia wide…