Indigenous Commitment

It is RSG’s desire to understand and value Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures along with respecting the different values and beliefs.

As a family based business we work together with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people providing a partnering relationship which benefits both Reay Group Pipe & Civil and the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in the community.

As part of this process RSG:

  • Engages and consults with members of local Indigenous communities and organisations,
  • Supports the development and growth of Indigenous small business,
  • Positively promotes the employment of Indigenous people seeking work,
  • Promotes training and development programs for Indigenous people seeking work,
  • Development of systems and procedures to support indigenous relations, and actively promotes cross cultural awareness within the business.

We are a growing company which places emphasis on the individual skills and requirements of our employees. Our commitment is to be a positive reflection in the communities in which we operate. We recognise that diverse and inclusive teams perform at a very high standard, creates an enjoyable and engaging team environment that delivers exceptional results.

Reay Group Pipe & Civil is fully resourced and has the capacity to facilitate projects Australia wide…