A Reputation for Customer Service Is Worth Preserving

The term “customer service” is often heard; however, what does it really mean? Usually it is associated with a complaint about an expectation not being met, or, on the positive side, it describes a pleasant experience where expectations were met or even exceeded.

Customer Service a Subjective Concept?

The reality is that customer service is a subjective term that means different things to different people. Most of us experience customer service in a retail setting, when we are exchanging our money for goods or services. This can start when we are very young as we tentatively hand over pocket money for a chocolate or an ice cream.

Reputations are Built on Customer Service

As a major pipeline contractor to the Australian resource industry, our business is a little more complicated than the local shop, but a commitment to customer service is just as important to us as it is to a small retailer. In fact, it is how we built our reputation as a reliable and cost-effective supplier to major companies working in the gas, mining and mineral processing industries.
When you contract the Reay Services Group team to work on your resource project, you will experience excellent customer service from the first contact to the final commissioning. There are many aspects to customer service, and every member of our staff is trained to do a part in ensuring that you are treated with respect, that your communications with us are handled promptly and professionally, and that our workmanship is faultless.

Service Standards are Not Negotiable

Our service standards are embedded in everything we do. From our administration in the back office to the Outback where the physical work gets done, we apply the same attention to detail, regardless of how difficult the working conditions become. We provide certainty for our customers who are relying on our people to deliver high quality installations on time and within budget.

All Customers Get the Same Care and Attention

While our service standards are consistent throughout our organisation, different customers will experience them in slightly varying ways. On a major project, we interact with staff in the customer organisation for extended periods of time. This offers opportunities for both sides to form professional relationships, which enhance the synergy between both companies. While small short-term projects don’t offer these opportunities, we still give the same amount of care and attention to both.

What to Do if Things Don’t go to Plan

If, through some unforeseen circumstances, something does not go to plan and we feel we have let a customer down, we double our efforts to make amends, and a sincere apology is always a good place to start. We want to feel pleased with our service delivery and ourselves; in fact, similar to those children at the corner shop holding the ice cream they just bought.

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