Why Keeping Equipment Up-to-date Makes Business More Efficient

Date posted: December 2, 2016

No business can survive today without being competitive, especially in the unpredictable resources sector. To be competitive, managements must contain expenses, employ capable people and operate within the relevant laws and regulations, while still offering the best in customer service. Experienced managers know that only modern work methods and equipment will deliver superior, long-term results.

Modern, Safe Equipment Key to Delivering Profitable Projects

As a supplier to the mining and resources industry, our clients need Reay Services Group to deliver their projects on time, within budget and to the contractual standard required. However, we also have a responsibility to our Board to operate at a profit so we can continue to serve our clients and provide employment for our people. Having efficient, modern and safe equipment is a key element in our ability to deliver on all counts.

Specialist Machines for Specific Tasks

As an example, we have equipment that gives us a distinct advantage over other operators who are still using excavators to dig trenches. Our specialist trenching machines are designed to suit a wide range of conditions and work functions. These machines are 15 times more productive than excavators, require 60% less manpower to operate and can complete a comparable project in far less time.

Trenching Machines More Efficient Than Excavators

We are currently operating three different models of trenching machines, each with similar safety and efficiency features, but differing in suitability for certain types of work. They all have electronic control systems for automatic tracking, climate controlled cabs for operator comfort, and are mine certified.

Cost Savings are in the Differences

The main differences are in the weight and capacity of the machines, with variations in boom depths and cutting lengths making some more suitable for certain jobs than others. The heavy-duty trencher, for example, can dig through solid rock making it very efficient for installing large-diameter pipes.

For pipeline projects that require high horsepower and deep digging depths we use a different trencher, and it is this equipment variety that allows our operations to be cost-effective. Instead of trying to adapt other, less suitable equipment, we have the right type of machine for each application. The job is done faster and safer, with much less chance of a breakdown as the machine is being used as it was designed.

Other Projects Require Different Types of Machinery

Of course, with a business as diverse as ours, trenching machines are not the only equipment we need to service our clients. Other projects such as road building, surface and underground infrastructure and site rehabilitation require other types of equipment, and we source only the most modern machines and the best qualified operators for this work.

Our clients choose us because they know our reputation for quality work, safe operations and delivering the service they expect. Without the right type of modern equipment this would be very difficult in the rugged environments in which we operate.