Private Sector Does the Heavy Lifting in Building a Nation

Date posted: February 18, 2016

As the first free European settlers spread out from the convict settlements to work the land, they experienced both the beauty and the harshness of their new country. Farmers struggled to bring in a bountiful crop as the soil resisted their Old World farming methods. At the same time, they marveled at an unfamiliar night sky and the beauty of the new landscape.

A Nation is Forged out of a Harsh Land

They didn’t know at the time that they were building a nation, but they did know that everything was hard and required back-breaking, physical work. The seasons were upside down, the rains flooded then retreated for years, the plants were strange and the animals even stranger. Looking back from our comfortable perspective, it is a miracle that they persevered.

Successive generations have continued their example and we now enjoy a lifestyle built on their efforts. Extraordinary advances in technology, science and engineering have enabled us to build massive infrastructure and we are a major exporter of our natural resources.

The Private Sector – Risk, Innovation and Exploration

While governments have played a significant role in our advancement, it is the contribution of the private sector that has driven us forward and raised our standard of living. Like others in our industry, the Reay Services Group is proud of its involvement in the supply and construction of major infrastructure projects. The gas, water, mining and mineral processing industries rely on us to deliver essential support services to their major projects.

All over the country, other private sector companies take enormous financial risks to explore for resources, often in very remote areas. They outlay millions of dollars just to look, and if they have a successful result, they outlay millions more on developing the site. We come in behind them to build pipelines and roads, supply machinery and skilled operators and many other services.

Export Income, Taxes and Wages Paid to Workers

These companies create income for themselves but they also pay wages to workers, taxes and contribute to the gross domestic product figures that support our standard of living. The investment, technical knowledge and commitment needed to do this year after year could not be sustained by government programs alone.

No Government Spending without the Private Sector

Companies like ours generate the funds our governments spend on education, health, welfare, defence, research and a host of other advantages we all enjoy. We initiate projects that increase the skills base of our citizens. Our people find new and better ways to do things as they problem-solve on the job, and these become the norm throughout industry.

Nation Building Never Ends

There never is a time when we can say that nation building is completed. It is not like a project, with a finite time frame, where the construction crew packs up and goes to another job when the new bridge, or road or building is finished. There is always more to do, and the Reay Services Group intends to be part of it.