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Pipeline Construction

Reay Services Group is an Australian pipeline installation specialist providing coal seam gas extraction and dewatering services for the mining, gas and mineral processing industries.

We provide innovative pipeline construction solutions that are delivered in a safe, cost-effective and well-managed manner.

These services include:

Gas ServicesGas Services Reay Group

In Australia, gas related services include:

  • Gas well connections
  • Construction of coal mine gas drainage pipelines, gathering & reticulation systems
  • Low point drain installation
  • Flare stack construction & maintenance
  • Floxal line construction
  • Labour, plant and machinery hire


Water ServicesDam Pump Installation Service

Our water related services in Australia include:

  • Water pipeline construction
  • Tailings and slurry lines
  • Storm water and civil pipelines
  • Culvert water systems
  • Dam inlet and outlet decant structures
  • Process plant welding
  • Labour, plant and machinery hire