Our Values

Work Ethic:

“We are here to work and get the job done.”

Focus on the Task:

“We perform every task focusing on delivering high quality service to our customers.

Professional Presentation:

“Our people and vehicles are always presented in a professional and consistent manner.”

Excellent Customer Relationships:

“Our dealings with customers are built on establishing long term trust.”


“Safety is our core value and is present in everything we do.”

Teaming with Traditional Owners:

“We are committed to leaving a positive legacy in the communities in which we operate. This includes creating and maintaining effective relationships with the traditional owners of the land, while drawing indigenous employees into those projects ensuring a legacy of skills and wealth remains long after project completion.”

Vision Statement

We will be recognised in mining, gas, water and mineral processing industries as the  contractor of choice for:

  1. The installation of pipelines and ancillary equipment across Australasia; and
  2. The hire of trenching and excavation equipment across Australasia.

Mission Statement

We are specialists in welding and installing pipelines, constructing ancillary equipment; trenching and excavation for the mining, gas, water and mineral processing industries.  With our HSEQ systems aligned to accreditation standards we provide the lowest risk and fastest response times to clients in Australasia.

Our Personnel

We have an experienced and professional workforce, consisting of qualified plant operators, tradespeople and construction workers.

Our management and supervisory staff are professionals in the gas, water and mining industries, while our extensive team of onsite employees carry a broad range of experience across the mining, gas and civil construction sectors.