How To Deliver A Project On Time And Within Budget

Date posted: January 9, 2017

While most industries and professions share some similarities, they are also unique in specialised areas. Management and staff in every vocation and profession need specific skills, qualifications and knowledge to work successfully in their chosen environments. Specialised tools and equipment are also needed, along with people who understand the critical relationships between providing products and services, and the finances needed to keep everything running.

Satisfying Customers and Making a Profit Needs Careful Balance

Many a thriving business has become insolvent because the quality of the goods or services provided was either below expectations or in some cases, very high but too expensive to produce for the price the market was prepared to pay. This is a fine balancing act, and the businesses that get it right are those that survive and thrive.

We operate in the mining and civil infrastructure industries, delivering specialist services to clients who need our knowledge and expertise to complete complex and expensive projects. Our company, Reay Services Group, places great emphasis on the quality of our work and our relationships with our customers. At the same time, we are conscious of the need to deliver projects on time and within budget.

Quality Staff and Reliable Equipment Essential

Our equipment is the best available for our industry, and our staff are well-trained, skilled, experienced and ready for the level of responsibility demanded by the nature of the work. Without these attributes, it would be difficult for our company to satisfy our clients, working as we do in harsh conditions and remote locations.

Timeline Monitoring and Accurate Scheduling the Basis of Project Work

The type of project work we do is based around accurate timelines, and completion depends on us being able to deliver our part of the project while working around other contractors and their competing demands. Accurate scheduling of labour and equipment is vital, as is the ability to secure reliable equipment that will not break down at a critical stage in the middle of nowhere.

Tracking Expenses against Budget the Key to Managing Corrections

A workable budget and an accurate financial system that tracks expenditure against specific parts of the job are also essential to having the result we all desire. When a project is ongoing for several months or even years, the associated expenses must be captured and monitored against a detailed budget right from the beginning.

Without this level of scrutiny, expenses can quickly get out of hand. On-time reporting of a work-in-progress allows over-budget purchases to be identified and examined. Where corrections are needed, they can be accommodated over the life of the project by offsetting against savings elsewhere.

Accurate Systems Deliver Critical Information When it is Needed Most

We have such systems in place and this allows us to accurately cost and monitor a large project. This gives us the ability to anticipate problems and find solutions to keep the work moving along. This is our balancing act, and to date it has been successful.