Choosing the Right Poly Services Group

Date posted: September 23, 2014

mining-services-pipelinePipe installation and construction projects are huge undertakings and must only be entrusted to a reliable poly services group. There are many risks involved, not to mention the hefty costs that have to be justified and must be turned into profits eventually. The right contractor will be able to guarantee timely completion of the pipeline project, while ensuring quality work and services. Following are some of the top considerations when choosing the right poly services group.

Health and Safety

Pipeline installation and construction projects require the use of heavy machinery that is often associated with risks, danger and accidents. The repercussions for accidents in the workplace can be daunting for any company, so health and safety concerns are top considerations in choosing a contractor. Workers can be at risk while operating heavy machines such as trenching equipment and earthmoving machines. They may also be at risk from hazardous chemicals that may be due to construction activities.

Reay Services Group knows the importance of protecting the health and safety of workers in pipeline installation projects. The company believes that accidents are preventable incidents and can be eliminated with the right mindset and work culture. The company’s goal has always been to manage risks, based on AS/NZS 4901 standards. Regular audits are done internally to ensure that the company and its personnel are always in compliance.

Environmental Concern

Another top concern for huge pipeline projects is environmental law compliance. Excavation and disturbance of the natural environment are just some of the concerns whenever a pipeline project is undertaken. Compliance with specific environmental legislation, regulations and standards is a complex process and project managers must make it a priority to ensure the success of the project.

Reay Services Group focuses on sustainable development and completes projects according to ISO 14001. One big example of how the company minimises the environmental impact of excavation is in the use of precise trenching equipment that only digs where needed. Compared to excavators, the company’s trenchers accurately dig trenches according to specifications. The excavated materials are then used as backfill material after pipeline installation.

The company’s work process and technology help minimise its carbon footprint. Ground disturbance is also minimised as a result of the company’s innovative system.

Quality Management

The company implements a Quality Management System that is based on AS/NZS ISO 9001: 2008. With this management system, project managers can rest assured that all work and activities are being done according to a structured plan and system. It is the ongoing aim of the company to achieve quality improvement in all its activities.