Careful Site Preparation Essential For Successful Trenching

Date posted: May 16, 2014

Careful and adequate preparation of trenching for pipe laying is vital to ensure that the completed project performs to specifications. A range of issues need to be considered in this process including soil conditions, the presence of water, the width of the trench and the type of bedding and side support materials.

Trenching in Australia is a mature industry using the latest in technology. It is supported by experienced personnel and a range of Australian and international standards that provide operational guidance. Companies contract their skills and service for the installation of pipelines and the hire of trenching equipment across Australia.

Correct Trenching Preparation Essential

The Reay Services Group contract to the mining and coal seam gas industries for these services and the work is usually in a rural area. Their experienced team knows the importance of correct trenching preparation in these locations. They know that trench width should be as narrow as possible to keep down installation costs yet wide enough for the specified compaction to be effective.

Poorer soil requires a wider trench to accommodate any support material or dewatering equipment. This equipment is needed because excavations have to be kept dry and the water removed. The wider trench also makes it easier to remove the dewatering equipment which must be done carefully so as not to damage the pipe, bedding or support walls.

Australian and international standards give Operational Guidance

Trenching Aus preparation also requires attention to the trench depth, the bedding material used and the side support and overlay. Once the trench has been excavated, the floor must be even, free from all rocks and hard objects, and able to support the pipes. The Australian Standard stipulates the type of bedding to be used. Before the bedding material is placed in the trench, any pegs and markers used to align the pipes must be removed.

Side support is the next step in trenching preparation and requires side support materials to be added evenly to the same compaction standards as the bedding. This ensures that once the pipes are installed they are not disturbed.

Pre-planning Vital for Working in Remote Locations

Performing this work requires precision and planning when it is being done in a location where additional supplies are easy to acquire. When site preparation for trenching is being done in remote locations, any materials needed must be brought to the site. This makes it vital that everything is included in the planning process so that all materials and equipment are available on site ready for the work to start.