Are You Responsible For Purchasing In Your Company? This May Help

Date posted: May 15, 2015

The complexity of large scale construction projects demands that the people involved at all levels are experienced, skilled and know exactly what they are doing in their field of expertise. Usually there are multiple contractors involved, all of them working to different deadlines and often with penalties payable for re-work or late deliveries. The financial, environmental and safety stakes are very high and there is very little margin for error.

Don’t Sacrifice Quality for a Low Price

Why then, would anyone responsible for hiring the right people for the job, settle for an inexperienced company to perform such vital work? Usually the reason is price, with the temptation to increase profits too hard to resist. This almost always comes with a reduction in quality of work by taking shortcuts, using inferior materials and jeopardising both safety and workmanship.

Challenging Projects Require Skills and Experience

Take the type of work we do as a prime example. The Reay Services Group specialises in trenching and piping projects for the resources industry. We supply, construct and install pipelines and other infrastructure for the gas, water, mining and mineral processing industries. We have built a reputation for quality, service delivery and meeting client objectives on time and within budget.

The projects we undertake are usually in challenging locations and involve complex financing arrangements. Sometimes, despite everyone’s best efforts to plan ahead for every eventuality, they also require experienced problem-solving and lateral thinking when something goes wrong. This requires a team of competent and experienced operators.

Do You Put Your Suppliers Through This Level of Scrutiny? Why Not?

Clients sourcing a company such as ours for trenching and pipeline work would typically already have a scope of work. They may put out a contract for tender or approach several companies for expressions of interest in the work. When they receive this information back from interested parties, their people go through every aspect to ascertain the strengths and weaknesses of the responses.

They may independently verify claims of quality accreditation such as ISO9001:2008 and check memberships of professional industry associations. If referees have been given they are contacted to seek further information about the capacity of the companies in question to deliver the type of project they are seeking. Depending on the size and complexity of the project they may also ask for the CVs of key staff members to verify their experience.

A Famous Quote Says It All

We have no problem here at the Reay Services Group with this level of scrutiny. Our work performance speaks for itself and we would expect a prospective client to examine every aspect of our offer to be part of their project. To choose a trenching and piping company just on price is to know the meaning of the famous quote – “the bitterness of poor quality is remembered long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten”.