A Successful Project Starts With Meticulous Planning

Date posted: January 8, 2016

While it might be true that sometimes things just seem to fall into place, no business operator would trust a project to succeed by leaving everything to chance. Forethought and planning make the pathway to success in any endeavour. Large companies have whole departments where every aspect of a project is modelled and planned before any action is taken.

Planning is at the core of our operations here at Reay Services Group. Every job we do for a client starts with their requirements and from there we begin the process that results in a completed project.

Early Planning Identifies Opportunities for Work Efficiency

To plan a job or project properly, we examine every aspect of the process for ways to increase the efficiency of what we do. Even though we may have done things a certain way for a long time, improvements are always being made, either by our own team or within the industry itself. We must always be open to new work methods, materials and technologies that reduce the time taken to complete work tasks.

Production Costs are Estimated at the Planning Stages

At the planning stages, we estimate the cost of every part of a project, including labour and materials. We get quotes for materials and equipment, compare terms and prices then place orders to secure the resources we need. These all form part of the production costs, which are constantly monitored and compared against the original estimates. If production costs are increasing outside of those estimated, immediate corrections must be made to maintain the profit margin.

It is not unusual for costs to increase, especially if the project is a long-term one. Without our original planning and its detailed costing, we would have nothing against which to measure these changes. We could be unaware that our project was running far above budget.

Planning Includes the Proper Use of Resources

Every job or project requires resources such as materials, equipment, time, labour, skills and financing. These are all identified and planned for at the beginning of the job. If any of these resources is wasted or misused, production costs increase, deadlines are not met and crucial stages of the job or project are delayed.

The Elements of a Quality Service Delivery

Without proper planning at the beginning of a project, it is almost impossible to deliver a quality service to the client. Quality service does not just mean the end product is perfect. It also means that it is on time and within budget. A perfect product that is six months overdue and costs twice the original price is not a quality service delivery.

All these elements must come together at the end of the job or project and be within the parameters established in the planning stages. When you leave your project in our hands at the Reay Services GroupĀ you can be confident we will deliver a genuine quality service.