Reay Services Group (RSG) is recognized in the mining, gas, water and mineral processing industries as the contractor of choice for the installation of pipelines and ancillary equipment and the hire of trenching and excavation equipment across Australasia.


Fully resourced, the Company provides a 'one stop shop' service for the supply and installation of:

  • Coal seam gas pipelines, gathering & reticulation systems
  • Water & slurries, pipelines & pumping infrastructure
  • Mine services, and civil construction works, including:
    • Surface and Underground infrastructure
    • Wash plant welding
    • Tree clearing and grubbing
    • Service road construction and maintenance
    • Drill Pads sites
    • Diversion drains
    • Tailings dams
    • Labour, plant and machinery hire

Trenching Works:

  • Trenching machines with capacity to cut from 200mm - 1800mm wide and a range of depths to 6500mm. These machines are highly regarded for the placement of pipe or cable services underground.
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